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Discover Cost-Saving Opportunities in Procurement
Discover Cost-Saving Opportunities in Procurement with CollectiveSpend
Welcome to a fresh look at procurement! If you think about it, procurement is all about getting what your business needs, but it’s also a golden ticket to saving money…
The Human Touch in Procurement Automation
The Human Touch in Procurement Automation: Balancing Technology with Strategic Thinking
Feeling overwhelmed by procurement automation? You’re not alone. While these tools are revolutionizing efficiency, there’s a secret weapon many forget: human strategic thinking. At CollectiveSpend, a trusted advisor and marketplace…
Harnessing the Power of Blockchain
Harnessing the Power of Blockchain: Transforming Transparency and Traceability in Procurement
Blockchain technology has emerged as a revolutionary tool during an era of growing complexity and demand for transparency in supply chains. It is revolutionizing the procurement landscape in industries by…
Decarbonizing Freight Transport: Insights from McKinsey on Zero-Emission Strategies
The push towards sustainable logistics is becoming increasingly urgent as the effects of climate change intensify globally. McKinsey’s latest report, “Driving Decarbonization: Accelerating Zero-Emission Freight Transport,” provides a comprehensive examination…
Insight on Making Green Logistics Services Profitable by McKinsey
The logistics industry is rapidly evolving, and the push for sustainable, environmentally friendly practices has never been more significant. Green logistics services are emerging as a key component in supply…
Taming the Hidden Monster: Why Indirect Spend Procurement Strategies Matter
For many businesses, the focus on effective procurement strategies leans heavily towards direct spend – the raw materials and goods that directly contribute to the final product. However, a significant…
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