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Joonas Jantunen
Joonas Jantunen
CEO and Founder

CollectiveSpend offers a tail spend management platform that is designed to automate tail spend with a self-service model, eliminating the need for procurement’s involvement.

Our tail spend management platform which is the Tail Spend Marketplace is enhanced with a strategic procurement service called BUYING DESK that takes care of any non-catalog tail spend requirements within agreed thresholds.

We offer a full end-to-end strategic procurement consultancy service such as spend analytics, strategy, process, policy development, procurement execution and more to further enhance innovation and customer satisfaction.

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Our resourcing includes a team with years of experience in tail spend management and procurement, offering expertise at various levels of seniority. We are prepared to assist our clients in any way necessary, delivering cost savings through our tail spend marketplace and procurement services.


We take pride on the efficiency we bring through our engagement on projects and providing CollectiveSpend tail spend marketplace to bring more benefits to clients than expected.


We seek to move harmoniously through a sharing and collaborative partnerships within all its interactions to achieve the ultimate end goal and vision the client has set out.
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Tail Spend Marketplace

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