As a B2B Tail spend Marketplace, we help businesses automate and digitalize their tail spend procurement.
B2B Tail Spend Marketplace - self-service tail spend procurement

Our B2B Tail Spend Marketplace covers all your tail spend product and service needs in a familiar and easy to use look & feel. We have made buying for business as easy as what you are used to at home.

All requirements under one roof!

We support any industry and size of organization with catalogs covering all key indirect spend categories tail spend. And if something you are looking for is not available in the catalogues, you can always raise a non-catalogue request that will be handled by our Buying Desk team or issue an RFQ directly to the suppliers on our platform. Easy, simple and fast!

Need more than a punchout Marketplace?

Our CollectiveSpend B2B Tail Spend Marketplace can easily be connected to your existing ERP or procurement solutions (like Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer, Oracle, iValua). If pure Marketplace is not enough, and you want a truly easy to use standalone eProcurement solution, we can offer you full P2P cabilities to manage all your needs including approvals, invoicing and payments as options.

What are the high-level features and benefits?

Vetted and trusted suppliers with pre-negotiated rates

Competitive pricing and flexible payment options

Buying Desk Service for any non-catalog requirements - source anything, pay per use

A familiar and easy-to-use marketplace offering with access to large selection of products and services accross industries

Multiuser accounts and company specific catalogues

Fully mobile enabled

Free registration, no annual fees

No technology investments needed

Group Buying - There is strength in numbers

Our Buying Desk team and digital Marketplace platform aggregates orders from large, medium and small companies for indirect & direct tail spend products and services at pre-negotiated steep volume discount rates from our suppliers, which we then pass on to our clients.

Large Enterprises

We help large businesses do away with the inconvenience of sourcing non-critical tail spend products and services by providing a single platform with pre-negotiated rates built-in regardless of spend volume.

Small Businesses

By simply signing up to CollectiveSpend, small and medium businesses can now procure products and services with the same discounts commanded by the large enterprises.

Group Companies

We work with leading family conglomerates and group companies to centralize their indirect procurement spend across all their subsidiaries, thereby substantially lowering costs and gaining visibility.

Suppliers & Vendors

Our vendors love working with us! We pass on all orders to our exclusive vendors, giving them new repeat business and generating more leads without having to go through the sales process.


Total spend managed by CollectiveSpend and growing


Average realized annual savings on tail spend

Some Of Our Members and Partners
We're honored to be serving some of our most prestigious clients who have seen cost reductions just days after connecting with us.
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