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We have made buying for business as easy as what you are used to at home

Tail Spend refers to low-value, high volume purchases made by a company that often get overlooked. The process tail spend management can be time-consuming, manual, and inefficient. These purchases can add up to a significant amount of money and often lack the same level of visibility and control.


We have developed an online private marketplace platform to automate tail spend with a self-service model that allows end users to purchase without procurement’s involvement. This helps companies manage their tail spend by centralizing and streamlining their low-value procurement processes. The platform provides a centralized repository of suppliers and helps companies purchase goods and services from these suppliers in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

CollectiveSpend focuses on common indirect spend categories.

We have subject matter expertise in these categories helping us to identify commercial and technical ways to increase  results i.e. specification changes, standardization of SOW’s, product  optimization.

We have been operating across Middle East and Africa since 2012 conducting hundreds of sourcing projects and have analyzed large numbers of suppliers to understand their capabilities and to gain understanding of pricing strategies and price levels.

We have pre-qualified Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers onboarded onto the Marketplace and we source for additional ones to enhance the content based on your specific requirements.

Tail Spend Marketplace That Covers All Your Procurement Tail End Spend in a Familiar and Easy to Use, Look & Feel
Some features are:

Procurement’s involvement is unnecessary. Other department can easily place their orders in the marketplace.

Optimization of procurement resources, process and internal costs with reduced cycle times to improve internal KPI’s.

Integration to your existing ERP is available.

Our basic ordering catalog is free of charge.

Consolidating spend from large number of organizations to increase the buying power and economies of scale to benefit all clients. With competitive pricing and saving opportunities whether its direct or indirect procurement.

Access to flexible pool of procurement professionals but without having them on your payroll.

We have carefully pre-vetted, curated and selected our suppliers onboard to ensure quality of products and services.

What is Buying Desk?

Any non-catalog requirements will be handled by the CollectiveSpend Buying Desk team with target to drive majority of the requirements through the Marketplace to reduce costs and speed up cycle time.

How it works?

1. Requestor issues a Non-Catalog Request

The requestor submits the non-catalog request to CollectiveSpend Buying Desk through the Tail Spend Marketplace.

2. Buying Desk processes the request

Buying Desk team validates & logs the request and communicates with the requestor about the requirement gathering further details as required.

3. Buying Desk issues RFQ’s / RFP’s

Buying Desk creates the RFQ / RFP and issues it electronically to the market through the Tail Spend Marketplace.

CollectiveSpend Buying Desk Sourcing Service

4. Negotiations

Buying Desk team manages the negotiations with suppliers.

5. Approvals & PO

Buying Desk submits the quotes to requestor through the Tail Spend Marketplace. The requestor selects the preferred option and once this is approved, order can be placed.

6. Invoicing & Payments

Invoicing and payments through the CollectiveSpend Payment Consolidation Service or directly between client and supplier. Repeating requirements to be included into the catalog to speed up purchasing process.

What it covers?

OTHER features

The Marketplace has built in dashboards that provide key information that include:

Overview of quotations & tenders

Spend breakdowns

Volume breakdown

Spend trends

Order breakdowns

Supplier quality

Similarly, details on individual Orders, Quotations, RFP’s are visible.

All of the information can be exported on excel for further analysis.

Tail Spend Marketplace
Standard and Premium features
  • One stop shop access to catalogs.
  • Flexibility to customize catalogs by enabling or disabling user categories and suppliers.
  • Basic catalog ordering is free – No investments needed.
  • API connectivity provided to your ERP or Procurement system.
  • Multi-user accounts with approval workflows (if no integration).
  • Easy to use. No training required for end-users.
  • Quick RFQ’s and RFP’s can be issued by the end-users.
  • Built-in Dashboards.
  • Centralized invoicing and payments through CollectiveSpend payments platform (additional fees, terms & conditions included).
  • Buying Desk service for non-catalog requirements – Access to flexible pool of procurement professionals without having them on your payroll.
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